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Welcome to
Reclaiming Hearts
with Denise Hildreth Jones

We do hearts around here. Hungry hearts. Broken hearts. Addicted hearts. Desperate hearts. Troubled hearts. Seeking hearts.

We teach people the privilege and power in guarding their most valuable treasure. Why? Because it affects everything they do.

Proverbs 4:23 – “Above all else guard your heart for it affects everything you do.”

We take the truth of the word of God who gave His heart in His son Jesus, for the freedom of ours and we get to see hearts set free over and over again. In other words, we have a whole lot of fun around here.

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VBS for Women

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Couple's Only Weekend Experience


Love Nashville Prayer & Prep Night


Meet Denise

Denise knows what it is to be shut down and she knows what it is to fight for the value of her heart. That journey that brought her from disappointment and fear to living from an alive heart birthed Reclaiming Hearts Ministries that she now leads with her husband Philly.

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